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  • ZipNut Technology

    If your job requires speed and safety at every turn, you have no time to mess with standard threaded fasteners. It’s time to look to ZipNut Technology for the solution. Perfect for all types of environments, ZipNut products work over damaged threads and are an ideal choice for hazardous locations. Stop messing with the old and unsafe and change your game with ZipNut – exclusively from FASTORQ!

    ZipNut Technology
  • There is a Better, Safer Way!

    The easy-to-operate, portable hydraulic chain pipe wrench from FASTORQ will dramatically increase both safety and efficiency in threaded pipe make-up and break-out operations! Helps to eliminate the often-deadly 8-ft. diameter danger zone! See how the AutoTORQ Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrench works here!

    There is a Better, Safer Way!
  • Saves Time, Money, Lives!

    ZipTENSIONER uses Double ZipNut Technology to provide 100 percent, same side flange coverage and reduces tensioning time by up to 90 percent. There’s nothing like it in the world – based on patented NASA technology. Ideal for subsea and hazardous environments and only available from FASTORQ! Click here to learn more!


    Saves Time, Money, Lives!
  • SpinTORQ

    Continuously Rotating Hydraulic Torque Wrench

    The patented technology of the SpinTORQ wrench provides a 360-degree continuous rotation to create speed and accuracy with little effort. Fully reversible and full power in both directions, SpinTORQ operates in tight spaces. Available in manual or robotic control, there’s a motor and wrench size to meet virtually any need!  SpinTORQ is state-of-the-art innovation that’s built to work hard and last.
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Click on the image on the left to see FASTORQ’s new 2017 full catalog. This catalog contains the most updated information on FASTORQ products including specification pages that have not yet been updated in the Products section of the website.


FASTORQ is the leading innovator and global provider of precision bolt-loading and removal solutions for today’s technologically demanding industrial and manufacturing environments.


When the need for speed, accuracy and durability converge, most tool systems fail. Everything we design, manufacturer and sell is created to fulfill those critical performance factors. FASTORQ brings you the best torque wrenches, stud tensioners,  nut splitters, lubricants and more for fast, precise work every time!

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Whether you already own FASTORQ products or are just considering adding our state-of-the-art line to your arsenal, our Resources department provides a wealth of information right at your fingertips. Here you’ll find charts, manuals, FAQs, and more. View online, or download for free and at your convenience.

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Company Info

Serving the energy, subsea, mining, petrochemical, construction and industrial sectors, FASTORQ brings patented technology to your bolting make and break needs. Spreadheaded by founder George A. Studevant, codesigner of the first ever hydraulic torque wrench, FASTORQ continues to be an industry leader.

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Stay current with the latest industry news, learn about new products to make your job easier, exchange ideas and ask questions in FASTORQ’s newest feature “Nuts & Bolts.” A blog site written by experts in the industry and delivering real-world news,tips and features that bring real value to you and your job!

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