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Company Profile

A Storied History, An Innovative Future

It may sound somewhat pretentious to say your company was founded by a living legend, but when your company is FASTORQ founded by George A. Sturdevant, it’s simply the truth. Originally opened in 1981 as Bolting Systems International, renamed FASTORQ Bolting Systems, Inc. in 1983, today’s FASTORQ was conceived by the very man who revolutionized the bolting tool industry. A recognized authority in the industry, Sturdevant is one of the primary individuals responsible for designing and manufacturing the first and original hydraulic torque wrench (1972) and a key contributor to the encyclopedia of the industry: Handbook of Bolts and Bolted Joints. Sturdevant, now partnered with the next generation of dynamic tool entrepreneurs, remains an active part of today’s FASTORQ as it propels the torqueing tool industry into the future.

FASTORQ designs, manufactures, tests and calibrates precision-crafted tools that are easy to use and maintain. FASTORQ’s highly skilled team of engineers and bolting application experts deliver timely resolution to job-site challenges of all sizes on land or sea. Our customers represent a wide range of industrial applications including subsea construction; oil and natural gas exploration, drilling and services; petrochemical, refineries, power generation (fossil fuel, nuclear, wind turbine and hydro-electric); pipeline construction and maintenance; pulp and paper; mining; heavy equipment and aerospace.

The Next Generation

The FASTORQ leadership added Mark Murphy and Bill Washington in 2011. Working to their individual and professional strengths, this energetic and dedicated group added to their business efforts a controlling interest in FASTORQ. Working with the highly respected George Sturdevant, their common goal became to take the well-regarded FASTORQ to the next level of solutions-based product innovation, reliability and global reach.

The FASTORQ team has been developing an aggressive business plan and in two short years are seeing astronomical growth of over 50-percent each year. Applying tried and true approaches and innovative strategies, the leaders of FASTORQ will tell you the success of the company – past, present and future – comes down to a simple and fundamental philosophy: do everything the right way for the right reasons. Apply a common sense approach to everything that’s done. This philosophy, asserts the leadership, will provide the best products and services to the customer and lead both the team and company down a path of continued success.

Mark Murphy, President

Growing up in the land-locked state of Colorado, Mark Murphy joined the Navy not only to serve his country but also to see the world. As a boiler technician on a supply ship, Murphy served in the Western Pacific and along the African coast. After his military service, he earned his degree in Business from Colorado’s Metro State University. While attending college, he began working in process heating, automation and program logic systems. Mark worked his way up the ladder with several of the most regarded companies along Colorado’s Front Range region. In 1997, he started his own distributorship, which ultimately connected him with current partner Bill Washington. In 2004, Mark became a partner in E&M Sales. When they acquired FASTORQ, Mark was confident they could apply their successful business practices in E&M Sales to FASTORQ.

“When I talk to someone about FASTORQ products, the first thing I want to tell them is about the speed and durability of our tools,” explains Mark. “Inevitably, the person wants to know who our top competitors are in the trade. Without hesitation, I tell them we really don’t have any serious competition – at least if they are looking for tools that perform at faster speeds and are built to actually last in the brutal environments they are designed for. We know the tools that are on the market. FASTORQ products are heavier, built to endure, and designed to deliver faster, more powerful results than any other tool on the market. It’s just the truth.”

David Hughes, Vice President of Engineering

David joined the team officially in 2015 and brings 32 years of engineering experience in the bolting industry, having been Engineering Manager in similar companies in England, France and Canada. He earned an Honors Degree in Engineering from Aston University in England and since entering the industry he has developed many new bolting products which have produced time savings and safer operations in the oil, gas and nuclear industries. He has been granted more than 12 patents world wide for his innovative designs, has received an ASME award for innovation as well as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Bill Washington, Director of Business Development

Originally from Irving/Dallas, Texas, Bill Washington served in the US Army as a multi-channel communications equipment operator before attending college at University of Texas at Arlington and earning his degree in International Business. While he specialized in Russian studies, earned his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer credentials, he really found his passion in 1992 when he did his first job with his then-finance’s (now wife) father who owned FASTORQ Bolting Solutions, Inc. Bill traveled around the globe for FASTORQ and became an expert in the tools and services offered by the company. When the opportunity presented itself for Bill and his partners Mark and Harry to purchase FASTORQ he enthusiastically seized the moment.

“First and foremost, I believe in our products,” explains Bill. “I have seen, first-hand, in hundreds of instances, how much faster our tools are compared to the competition. I know the quality of how they are manufactured. It’s very easy to be excited and enthusiastic about our tools and services. When we can honestly say to a customer that because our tools are better and faster, using them can save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars of down time – that’s a tangible and provable result that not too many other businesses can actually deliver on. I see the avenues where growth and innovation are available to us and, in truth, the only limitation is our imaginations and willingness to pursue those opportunities.”


FASTORQ supports the industries we serve. FASTORQ and its team members are proud members of the following organizations:

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Marine Technology Society

Society of Petroleum Engineers

American National Standards Institute

Houston Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce

Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association

ASTM International

American Nuclear Society

Manufacturing, Sales & Service

All FASTORQ products are built and serviced at the company’s plant in New Caney, Texas. A team of highly skilled and trained representatives, along with domestic and international distributors, provides product sales and customer services. In addition to our established and ever-growing line of bolt installation and removal tools and exclusive line of lubricants, FASTORQ provides customized tools for customer applications.