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FASTORQ Appoints Engineering Director

(New Caney) FASTORQ announces the appointment of David Hughes as Vice President of Engineering to meet the expansion of it’s automated tools group.

David brings 32 years of engineering experience in the bolt tightening industry, having been Engineering Manager in similar companies in England, France and Canada.

He earned an Honors Degree in Engineering from Aston University in England and since entering the industry he has developed many new bolt tightening products which have produced time savings and safer operations in the oil, gas and nuclear industries. He has been granted more than 12 patents world wide for his innovative designs, has received an ASME award for innovation as well as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

“The appointment of David Hughes is seen as a major part of FASTORQ’s expansion plans and product implementations. This will enhance our recent aquisition of Zip Technology and accelerate our move towards ISO certification this year” says FASTORQ CEO Mark Murphy.

“FASTORQ produces many intriguing and innovative products. I am looking forward to further developing these products, introducing new products and helpong FASTORQ to meet their exciting expansion plans” says David.

News Archives

FASTORQ Rings in the New Year with Acquisition of ZipNut Technology, LLC

(Houston) A long-standing and prosperous business relationship moved to the next level on January 1 when FASTORQ, a pioneer of the hydraulic tool industry, purchased ZipNut Technology, LLC.

Prior to the sale, the Houston-based FASTORQ incorporated and patented ZipNut Technology into many of its tools and was the exclusive manufacturer of ZipNut Technology for the energy industry.

“We are all excited to have the opportunity to continue to spread the word about ZipNut,” states Bill Washington, FASTORQ Director of Business Development. “We think it is fantastic technology. Some of the best applications for ZipNut are yet to come.”…

Download the full press release in PDF format here.

Torque vs. Tension: Is There a Clear Winner?!

From the July 2013 Wind Systems Magazine

Analyzing the individual applicational needs of critical bolted joints is key when choosing bolting techniques and equipment.

The debate rages on about whether torque or tension is the best method to preload a fastener, and it is nearly as controversial as the age-old question of which came first… the chicken or the egg?

Each side argues that their method is the best. However, the real question, and true heart of the matter, is whether torque or tension is the best method for each job’s specific bolting application…

Download the full “Torque vs. Tension: Is There a Clear Winner?” article in PDF format here.

FASTORQ calls for a ‘Tool Revolution’ at this year’s 0TC!

FASTORQ OTC 2013 Press Release

It’s time to stop accepting the “industry standard” of slow and weak hydraulic tools and start demanding speed, innovation and strength with every tool purchase. It is time to join the FASTORQ tool revolution.

 ANSI Welcomed 10 New Members in December 2012.

“Active participation in ANSI and its programs can serve as both a strategic and tangible asset for an organization,” said S. Joe Bhatia, ANSI president and CEO… Read the full article here.

“The Need for In-Situ Pipe Support Testing”

by Gerry May, ASME Magazine, February 2005
“Pipe support functionality is critical to the long-term life of piping systems. Spring supports degrade with time due to the flexing in the spring and wear in constant support bearings…” Read full article here.

Author’s Acknowledgements: “The methods and tools to perform in-situ testing of pipe supports was developed by Rich Potter of Fastorq. The author gratefully acknowledges Mr. Potter’s ability to develop tools, and to accurately test the pipe supports at operating plants…”

“New Compund Overcomes Stainless Bolt and Nut Thread Galling”

by Joe Greenslade, American Fastener Journal, January/February 2003
“Several times each year I receive calls from suppliers who have sold stainless steel bolts and nuts to a customer is encountering thread galling problems during assembly…
…Recently a supplier told me of a new anti-galling compound he tried that provided amazing results…” Read full article about FastLUBE AG (formerly called Fastorq AG) here.

“Fastorq(R) Announces Industry’s Largest, Most Versatile Nut Splitter”

Fastorq Auto-Splitter(TM) Removes Up to 6-1/2 Inch Nuts

Torque Wrench operates in tight spaces.
Bolting Systems suit hazardous environments.
Nut splitter cuts through hardest nuts.
Flange Spreader creates 3 in. gap in single pass.