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Direct Tension Indicators

Patented Bolt Load Measuring Technology Prevents Leaks – Eliminates Fugitive EmissionsFASTORQ Total Assurance Guarantee 1-year

The DTI is a specially designed load measuring device with protrusions on one face.  It is placed under the bolt head or nut, and the protrusions create a gap.  As the bolt is tensioned, the clamping force flattens the protrusions, reducing the gap.  A “no-go” feeler gage is used to insure that the specified bolt tension is achieved.

  • Verifies correct tension for secure joints.
  • Permanent load verification to +/- 2% of bolt load.
  • Bolt load achieved regardless of bolt condition and torque applied.
  • Simple to install and inspect with standard tools, no special training.
  • Low cost alternative to ultrasonic measuring.
  • Customized DTI’s available.
  • Download the DTI Information Sheet here