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AutoTORQ Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrench

FASTORQ Total Assurance Guarantee 3-yearThe AutoTORQ Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrenches are a one of a kind tool in the pipe make-up and break-out game. They provide a safer and faster alternative to the hands-on set up of tongs and come-a-longs and help eliminate more than half of the injuries on a drill deck.

AutoTORQ-Hydraulic-Chain-Pipe-WrenchWith the press of a button, the AutoTORQ Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrench allows the user to move away from the dangerous, and even deadly, 4-foot diameter area around the pipe.

Available in five models, pipe make-up and break-out is a breeze. Just by latching the chain around the pipe and adjusting the slack with the tensioning nut, tightening and loosening of tubular threaded joints are no problem.

For Petrochemical & Refinery Applications For Offshore Applications  For Mining Applications For Manufacturing Applications