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ZipNut Technology

FASTORQ is the exclusive manufacturer of ZipNut® technology for the energy and exploration industries. Originally developed for NASA’s space shuttle missions, ZipNut technology is now applied on terra firma in a wide variety of industries and in applications where speed, accuracy, and reliability are not only vital, but often life-saving.

Threads have their benefits: they are stronger, more reliable, and allow for minute measurement changes. However, threaded connections have drawbacks. They can be cumbersome, unreliable, and may lead to repetitive motion injury. ZipNut is a revolutionary approach to threaded connections — offering all the benefits but none of the shortfalls and the added enhancement of speed. ZipNuts, or connections that use ZipNut technology, are built with thread segments that are separate from each other. These segments are encased and located on a ramp that force the segments into the threads of the partner connector, whether it be the male or female, i.e. nut or bolt. The tighter you pull, the harder it grips.

FASTORQ, using ZipNut technology, has developed time-saving and worker safety tools for use in oil exploration and production, subsea applications, nuclear energy maintenance and more.

ZipNut Technology at a glance

For WInd Turbine Applications For Subsea Applications For Petrochemical & Refinery Applications For Offshore Applications For Nuclear Applications For Mining Applications For Manufacturing Applications

  • Fast: simply push on and pull off, no twisting and turning.
  • Efficient: self-aligning design eliminates cross threading, time and labor costs are reduced.
  • Safe: robotic adaptability eliminates the need for human exposure to hazardous environments.
  • Durable: all parts are stainless steel, nickel-plated or coated for corrosion protection.


  • Replaces heavy hex nuts with a revolutionarily simple, fast, reliable alternative.
  • Push on threaded nut.
  • Eliminates tedious, repetitious turning & cross threading.
  • Measures one wrench size larger across the flats than standard heavy hex nuts.
  • Fits standard bolts.
  • Available in different sizes and materials.
  • Download the ZipNut Technology Catalog here.


  • Simultaneously tensions multiple threaded fasteners in half the time required by conventional stud tensioners (eliminates manual rotation).
  • Design allows for 100% stud coverage from one side of any ANSI or API flange.
  • One piece installation: compact and light weight.
  • Low-friction seals are self-lubricating and provide unlimited shelf life.
  • Especially suited for wind turbine, subsea and nuclear applications.
  • Available in fixed and variable styles.
  • Download the ZipTENSIONER Catalog here.
  • Download the ZipTENSIONER Wind Turbine Catalog here.

ZipCONNECTOR Load Connector & Crane Grapple

  • Robotically retrieves and deploys heavy loads, either subsea or topside.
  • Models available with lifting capacities ranging from 35,000 to 600,000 lbs.
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders can be integrated into the system to release the thread segments.
  • Will not release until load is set down.
  • Shackles and pins are eliminated.
  • Especially suited for subsea and nuclear applications where human intervention is restricted.
  • Download the ZipNut Technology Catalog here.


  • The fast and easy way to pull, align or mate flanges on land or underwater at any depth. 
  • LARGEST load capacity pulling system in the industry.
  • ZipNut® holds the load as the cylinder retracts.
  • Quick release levers open and close puller bars for fast installation and removal.
  • Hydraulic powered, 10,000 psi working pressure.
  • Versatile: ROV’s, Hard Suits or Divers can operate the system at any depth.
  • Easy to use: assembly pushes on and pulls off standard threaded rods.
  • Available in 30-Ton 6? and 60-Ton 5? stroke models.
  • Designed to use in multiple units with a single pump to provide uniform flange makeup.
  • Download the ZipPULLER Catalog here.

AutoZIP VIV Fastening Mechanism
Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) occurs when ocean currents flow past the risers that transport well fluids from the sea bottom to the surface/offshore production structures. VIV is extremely destructive to risers and associated equipment. The revolutionary design of the AutoZIP VIV Fastening Mechanism follows the same principle of a check valve but incorporates a female fastener with segmented threads which separate slightly to allow entry and engagement of the male fastener as it is pushed into the female segment. No rotation is required!

ZipTENSION Power Units
For optimum performance and fast turnaround, power FASTORQ ZipTENSIONERS with a FASTORQ power unit.