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Are You Still Using the Tool Responsible for Accidents & Deaths?

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No one in the oil and gas industry, onshore or offshore, takes the topic of safety lightly. From every single perspective, safety is expensive – but not nearly as expensive as short-changing it. Injuries, accidents, fatalities, equipment failure – all these events bring work stoppage, investigations, potential for lawsuits and fines. In short, not being safety minded is far too expensive to short cut anything.

The industry has become so engrossed in the safety culture that we have companies who evaluate the average size of the average rig worker with 3-D scans and biometrics to calculate the best fit and design of safety gear, clothing, quarters, transportation, emergency exit sizes, lifeboat loading, etc.

Even with all that modern science and engineering is doing to make rigs safer and keep workers safe and productive, the vast majority are still employing a tool system that is archaic, dangerous and responsible for the majority of injuries and deaths that occur in virtually any drilling operations: pipe tongs and come-alongs (according to reports from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH).)

But there is a better way. The AutoTORQ Chain Pipe Wrench is a one-of-a-kind tool in pipe make-up and break-out. It provides a safer alternative to the hands-on setup involving tongs and come-a-longs. Just by using the Chain Pipe Wrench, you could eliminate more than half of the injuries on a drilling deck.

How does it work? Just by latching the chain around the pipe, adjusting the slack with the tensioning nut and pressing of a button, the AutoTORQ Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrench turns pipe and allows the user to move away from the dangerous 4-foot area around the pipe.

AutoTORQ Chain Pipe Wrench photo webThis portable tool gives operators the ability to take it anywhere, and when paired with FASTORQ’s 603A Power Unit, the combination has unmatched strength and versatility.  Five models are available with torque strength ranging from 5,000 to 82,000 ft-lb. AutoTORQ can also operate with rig hydraulics and a ST_CU control unit for even faster operation.

The AutoTORQ Chain Pipe Wrench uses rig hydraulics, works with a wide range of tubular sizes, fits pipe diameters from one to 14 inches and comes with FASTORQ’s 3-Year Total Assurance Guarantee.

Stop risking worker safety in pipe yards, shops and on drilling decks, and learn how the AutoTORQ Chain Pipe Wrench saves time, money and improves worker safety.

Be sure to visit FASTORQ at booth #3301 during OTC and see the AutoTORQ Chain Pipe Wrench in action for yourself. workers, your operation and your bottom line will be glad you did!

You can also get more information about FASTORQ and it’s full line of innovative bolting technology tools online at or by calling 281.449.6466 or 800.231.1075.


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