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Faster Performance and Improved Worker Safety is Possible

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Faster Performance and Improved Worker Safety is Possible

It’s not hard to understand that the less time an operation takes for completion, the less likely something could go wrong. By finding tools that can reduce the time it takes to get the job done correctly, you are reducing the chances of an accident occurring.

Likewise, the more operational steps a tool needs to work, the increased odds problems can occur. When a tool needs to go through several steps to operate, the increased likelihood it will encounter a problem exists, along with an increased opportunity to cause injury.

Since a ratcheting torque wrench must energize multiple times to torque a nut, it must re-establish a reaction point every time it re-energizes. Simply finding a torque wrench that doesn’t need to re-energize more than once for the torqueing process, like the SpinTORQ 360-degree Continuously Rotating Torque Wrench, you reduce the multiple opportunities for both tool failure as well as potential for worker injury.

Like continuously operating, SpinTORQ features far fewer pinch points than common ratcheting wrenches. Less pinch points means less opportunity for worker injury.

Faster Performance, Better Design

The SpinTORQ hydraulic, 360-degree continuously rotating torque wrench has been found to be more than 36 times faster at nut turn than ratcheting wrenches. It even runs off of ROV hydraulics to save time and the difficulty associated with topside pumps and intensifiers used with other torque wrenches.

In tests, SpinTORQ beat the leading competitor’s comparable torque wrench by 80 percent when making up a 12-bolt flange. The Hytorc HY8-XLCT took 45 minutes, 53 seconds to finish. The SpinTORQ IL360-215 completed the make-up in only 9 minutes, 34 seconds. That’s a time savings of 36 minutes and 19 seconds!

In a subsea environment that time savings is even more pronounced, because the SpinTORQ works at the same atmosphere as the ROV and its hydraulic system. The length of hydraulic hoses and the use of intensifiers don’t slow it down.

Dive time and ROVs are expensive. When you use a torque wrench that makes up a flange 80 percent faster, you’ve just got production back online faster.

Sometimes Hydraulic Power Isn’t An Option

Pair this speed with SpinTORQ’s ability to deliver full power in both forward and reverse, and you have dramatic timesaving benefits. But in some instances, hydraulic power isn’t an option.

SpinTORQ, with it’s specially designed, double-enveloping worm gear, is available in pneumatic and electric versions as well. And the electric SpinTORQ electric model is even faster since it doesn’t rely on a pressurized system.


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