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FASTORQ’s Bolting Technology Equipment Uses Speed and Innovation to Create Safer Tools

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See FASTORQ at Booth 3301 at 2014 OTCSafety isn’t a glamorous topic.  It isn’t slick or sexy. But it is critical. We work in a hazardous industry doing what is vital to fuel our modern world. The energy we produce provides the foundation for everything we know – powering our transportation, education, technology, economy, and homes for our families.

Every preventable accident not only causes human pain and suffering, it impacts the bottom line – making the cost of energy more expensive for everyone. But everyone wins when we employ the latest technology to create safer work environments:

  • Workers are safer and more productive.
  • Job sites keep working efficiently.
  • Costly shut downs and delays are avoided.
  • Profitability is improved.
  • The environment is better protected.

Because the safety culture has become a touchstone for the energy industry, particularly for offshore and subsea interests, it’s not surprising that decision makers are looking for the safest tools to bring to the job site.

Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that “safe” can’t be fast or innovative – and that’s about as incorrect as an idea can get. In fact, it’s the precise opposite.  When your hydraulic, pneumatic and electric bolting tools feature the latest in design innovation with the fastest performance in their class, the safety considerations are already built-in.

FASTORQ understands that the less time a worker is exposed to an operating tool or hazardous environment, the safer that worker is going to be. The faster that worker can perform the task, with total precision and accuracy, the more profitable the company that employs that worker will be.

Every single bolting technology tool and innovative system designed, manufactured and sold by FASTORQ focuses on providing the customer with the capability to connect, torque or tension (in make-up or break-out capacities) with the greatest speed, the most accuracy all while providing a safe experience for the end user.

If you’re looking for the cheapest, commodity-style nut splitters, torque wrenches, flange spreaders, and stud tensioners on the market, then FASTORQ probably isn’t for you. But if you demand quality design, unmatched warranty coverage, precision performance, solution-driven products that will keep your job up and running, your workers safe and bottom line healthy – then you should plan to visit us. Stop by booth #3301 and experience what happens when technology marries performance and safety… tools that will increase your bottom line!

You can also get more information about FASTORQ and it’s full line of innovative bolting technology tools online at or by calling 281.449.6466 or 800.231.1075.

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