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How Tough is Tough?

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OilRigWorkerYou can tell a lot about a company’s products just by looking at their warranty program. Advertising features all kinds of adjectives describing how tough a product is, how long it will last and how well it’s made, but the proof is really how long the company stands behind the product.

In the industrial tool world the vast majority of companies offer a 12-month warranty on their products. A few offer 24 months, and on a rare occasion, you might find a 36-month guarantee – but that’s an exceptional situation usually reserved for tools that have few, if any, moving parts.

FASTORQ, established in 1981, has three guiding principals behind everything we design, manufacturer and sell. Is it tough and reliable? Is it innovative? Is it fast?

Let’s address the last one first. Is it fast? Fast is a relative thing. A car is fast compared to a bicycle but slow compared to a jet. So, when we ask how fast is fast we’re looking for more than just physical speed. We’re evaluating efficiency in performing the desired task. We’re comparing our tools against the standard practices and methodology currently used in the industry. Our tools have to be better, faster and more efficient at getting a job done.

Next, is it innovative? Let’s face it – we’d all still be driving horse-drawn buggies if someone hadn’t invented a better way to travel. The train. The car. The plane. Innovation is in the American DNA. When we design a new tool we are constantly looking for ways to make it better, more durable, more efficient and safer.

So, that leaves us with “tough.” We know our tools are the toughest and most dependable in the business… and so do our customers. Perhaps that’s enough for most companies but at FASTORQ, we believe if we’re really going to “own” being the toughest on the block we need to put our warranties where their adjectives are. So, we completely revamped our warranty programs.

The first innovation was creating our cutting-edge warranty extension program. Once a year, just return your FASTORQ tool to us for free maintenance and inspection (and calibration for torque wrenches). If the product is free of any damage or significant wear, we will extend the warranty for one (1) full year – FREE!

Should the tool require repair, we will provide you an estimate. If FASTORQ repairs the tool, we extend a new warranty for an additional one (1) year from the date of repair!

Next, we improved all warranties on all our products.  At the beginning of 2013, FASTORQ introduced our “No B.S.” Lifetime Guarantee Program. It’s as simple as the name implies. Any product covered by our No B.S. Lifetime Guarantee is covered for life. Period! The warranty includes seal replacement on cylinders. Products covered by the No B.S. Guarantee program include all AutoSPLITTER nut splitters, the FastBAK, all ThinLINE torque wrenches, all Fixed & Variable Stud Tensioners and the AutoGRIPPER Stud Installer/Extractor.

Our Total Assurance Guarantee program provides a 3-year warranty on all SpinTORQ torque wrenches, AutoSPREADER flange spreaders and ZipTENSIONERS (for subsea, nuclear and wind turbine use).. The 3-year program requires participation in the warranty extension program of sending your tool to FASTORQ for annual maintenance and calibration. By doing this, you will receive the free warranty extension program too!

Our Total Assurance Guarantee programs provide 1-year warranties on all FASTORQ Power Units, AutoTORQ wrenches, ZipCONNECTOR load connector and crane grapple, ZipPULLER, Impact Sockets and Hammer Wrenches, HydraPULL, Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrenches, Direct Tension Indicators (DTI) and the Flange Alignment Tool. (Our fine print is really short, and you can read it here.)

We think this new warranty program truly illustrates that when we say tough and reliable, we really mean it. So the next time you need to add a tool to your workforce, ask yourself three simple questions: (1) Is it tough? (2) Is it innovative? (3) Is it fast? Then contact FASTORQ via email at or by phone at 1-800-231-1075 (Toll Free U.S. and Canada) or 281-449-6466 (Global).


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