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Not All Nut Splitters Are Created Equal

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This FASTORQ AutoSPLITTER straight head nut splitter was a custom order designed to cut a 7-1/2” round nut, which is the largest in the world. The nut was successfully, safely and quickly split in less than a minute with a 10,000 psi air over hydraulic power unit.

By Lisa Raynor-Keck

Not all straight head nut splitters are the same! When it comes to nut splitters, versatility and efficiency are just as important as speed, strength and safety.

Significant money is spent each year buying numerous cylinders and heads that clutter shops and only allow splitting of a limited number of nut sizes. It’s important to find a nut splitter that allows you to cut multiple nuts with as few cylinders and heads as possible.

Many companies force their customers to purchase several cylinders since only one of their cylinders fits one of their heads, and that head cuts no more than two nut sizes. This lack of versatility causes inefficiency, clutter and unnecessary expense.

Finding a nut splitter that cuts, on average, six to eight different nut sizes with one straight head housing not only saves money, but reduces the clutter caused by the need to have multiple heads. Couple that with being able to use two or more heads with one cylinder and the cost and efficiency benefits are even more pronounced.

The versatility of having a large cutting range is another important factor when selecting a nut splitter. The larger the standard size range, the more likely you can split the nut you want without having to order a customized tool. Finding a company that offers a wide cutting range and several adapters can be a challenge, especially when adding the important factors of speed, strength and safety to the equation.

This type of streamlined nut splitter has a significant advantage over standard nut splitters on the market today. Since most companies only offer limited choices, where do you find nut splitters that have all of these qualities?

AutoSPLITTER Nut Splitters

FASTORQ nut splitters come in a huge variety of sizes and three key designs to address any needs!

FASTORQ AutoSPLITTER straight head nut splitters offer a large cutting range (from 5/8” to 6 1/2”); cylinders that accept more than one head (usually two to three) and adapters that cut round, square, 12-point, huck bolts and uniquely shaped nuts.

The splitters also cut all API and ANSI flanges, nearly all valve bonnets and especially hard or non-hex shaped nuts… including 2H (ASTM A 194/2H – Brinell hardness 248-352). Custom-built nut splitters are also available when the need arises.

An added bonus of FASTORQ’s straight head nut splitters is their ability to work in tight spaces and from several angles due to their specially designed heads. They also go from toolbox to operation in less than five minutes, cut through nuts within 30 seconds and significantly improve operator safety since tool use is hands free.

If you are still using a hammer and chisel to remove corroded nuts or are sick and tired of the costly and limited options offered by other nut splitters on the market, it’s time to streamline with FASTORQ AutoSPLITTERS.

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