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Seized & Galled Nuts Slow Work, Create Hazards for Workers

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AutoSPLITTER Nut Splitter

AutoSPLITTER Nut Splitter

Any time a job “requires” flame, hot sparks from grinding or striking tools, you have an increased risk of worker injury and equipment damage. This kind of work typically requires a “hot work” permit.

Rather than breaking out the hammer and chisel, blowtorch, or grinder when you have a seized or galled nut standing in the way of your job, it’s time for the AutoSPLITTER.  Unlike other methods, nut splitters use a chisel to cut into the nut and split it.

Why AutoSPLITTER is Different

It’s important to find a nut splitter that is not only strong and fast, but also cuts a wide range of nut sizes with as few cylinders and head combinations as possible. Competing nut splitters require up to 17 models to cover the same size range the AutoSPLITTER does in 9 models. AutoSPLITTER also has available adapters that cut multiple nut shapes. Incredibly, they do all of this without sacrificing speed, strength and safety. Now that’s savings!

AutoSPLITTER cuts through the largest frozen nuts in just seconds with virtually no risk of injury.  And, they work in tight spaces and from several angles thanks to their specially designed heads.

Made with a special metallurgy and hardening process, AutoSPLITTER’s specially designed chisels perform dozens of cuts before resharpening and handle many resharpenings before replacing. http://www.fastorq.com/uncategorized/seized-galled-nuts-slow-work-create-hazards-for-workers/ http://www.fastorq.com/uncategorized/seized-galled-nuts-slow-work-create-hazards-for-workers/Due to its unique compound angle chisel design, the AutoSPLITTER even cuts stainless steel nuts! All FASTORQ nut splitters are back by our No B.S. Lifetime Warranty.

Straight and Angle Head AutoSPLITTERs

FASTORQ straight head nut splitters offer versatility with a large cutting range (from 5/8 inch to 6-1/2 inches); cylinders that accept usually two to three heads and adapters that cut round, square, 12-point, huck bolts and uniquely shaped nuts.

Looking to get around obstructions or cut on flat surfaces? The angle head nut splitter can’t be beat. With a cutting range from 5/8 inch to 3-7/8 inches, the angle head goes where straight head nut splitters cannot. Avoid frustration and invest in the versatile and innovative Angle Head AutoSPLITTER.

The ONLY Double CuttingTM Nut Splitter Available

Some jobs just call for speed. When time matters, double your performance with FASTORQ’s Double CuttingTM nut splitter.  Available in 5/8-inch to 3-3/8-inch cutting range, cutting across the flats just became faster and easier.  The Double Cutting AutoSPLITTER works by eliminating the need to move the nut splitter to a second position 180 degrees from the first to break the nut from the stud! That’s a serious time saving benefit, especially in subsea or hazardous environments.  The Double Cutting model is also ideal for use with ROVs.

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