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Lubricant is used to reduce friction between two moving surfaces that come into contact with one another. External factors that influence the effectiveness of lubricant include the speed at which the surfaces are moving relative to one another, the pressure exerted at the point of contact, and environmental conditions (heat, salt water, humidity, etc.) Not all lubricants are created equal and the right lubricant not only reduces friction, prevents galling and seizing, it also makes the job faster and easier to perform successfully!

Oil or grease alone will squeeze out under pressure, leaving the contact area essentially dry. FastLUBE thread compounds have a high solids content. This heavier concentration of solids means that the “mechanical barrier” remains in place more effectively; and that the required torque values are lower and more consistent. We offer four unique and specialized formulas in our FastLUBE series. Download the FastLUBE Information Sheet here for more details.


  • Superior anti-galling on stainless steel to achieve metal-to-metal seal.
  • Equally effective on other gall-susceptible materials, ferrous alloys, and more common types of carbon steel.
  • Lowers torque requirements, reduces friction under pressure.
  • High percentage of PTFE flakes that will seal off a leak path.
  • Prevents the passage of fugitive emissions at pressures up to 20,000 psi.
  • Eliminates the need for Teflon tape.


  • Film-forming lubricant with strong polar attraction.
  • Applies readily to threads and other machined parts that are subjected to heavy loads and fictional heat.
  • Eliminates wear and gall on stainless and other threaded connections.
  • Completely water-insoluble.
  • Recommended for shafts and other gall-susceptible mechanisms.
  • No stirring needed.

FastLUBE 70+

  • Contains over 70% pure molybdenum disulfide (more than any other moly-paste.)
  • Provides smooth make-up and breakout and prevents rust and corrosion.
  • H2S inhibitor.
  • Perfect for general use on threaded connections and press fits.
  • Ideal for use on nut splitter chisels.
  • Use for wear-in applications and a variety of jobs where sliding friction is present.

FastLUBE 444

  • Excellent protection from wear and grinding pressures of slow-moving and/or heavily loaded machinery.
  • Ideal for use on open gears and heavy duty applications where water resistance is important.
  • 40% blend of lubricating solids.
  • Long-term rust and corrosion protection.
  • Additives to prevent damage from salt and other corrosives.
  • Perfect for splines, u-joints, chucks, pillow block bearings, and most high-impact surfaces.